Welcome to CEDAR SWEETS store, owned and operated by Chef Ahmed Hijazi. Mr. Hijazi have over 25 years international experience such as in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany and Mississauga (Ontario).

Fresh Arabic sweets

We daily bake veraites of Arabic and especially Lebanese sweets such as Mixed Pastry (TRAY), Fingers, Baklawa-Pistachio and Baklawa-Walnuts.
Plus Bird Nest, Mini Roses, Bassma, Ballourie, Ossmalleya-Cashews and Ossmalleya-Pistachios and Burrma.


Mamoul Pistachio, Mamoul Dates, Mamoul Walnut, Mamoul Mixed, Mamoul Madd Pistachio. Plus Mamoul Madd Dates, Mamoul Madd Walnut, Mamoul Slice Dates, Mamoul Mini Pistachio, Mamoul Mini Dates, Mamoul Mini Walnut and Mamoul Mini Mixed